Thursday, April 5, 2012

Banana Beach Resort Tagum | Day Tour

It’s our day! And we decided to spend it at Banana Beach Resort located at Brgy. Madaum, Tagum City [anyway it’s my choice to be exact ;)]

Hijo Plantation where Banana Beach Park & Resort situated, is wide and private place. Less motorcycles are available to give you a ride straight to the resort. Along the road – vast of bananas were planted but along the beach, coconut trees are mostly observed. Our tour guide says, long time before the place is fully a banana plantation yet the management has observed that the quality nearby the sea was degraded compared along the road. That’s why don’t get surprised why Banana Beach Resort is surrounded with coconut trees.

The resort’s ambiance is like of Eden Nature Resort in Davao. There’s a pool, horseback riding, forest tour, and many more activities to avail onto. Day Tour Package Passport is P750, inclusion on this is free access of pool and consumable P750 for food and activities. Bringing of food and drinks is prohibited, however they have restaurant where you could avail such services. They offer use of clean towel also, that is why no need to bring your bulky towel all the way.

I have chosen the place because of their atv, ya James would surely love it. But unfortunately it was under repair. Based on my visit experience, here is my assessment. Good Fun for activities, average for the place, and below average for their service.

Good for Activities – The tour is fun; here we saw a colony of monkey living freely in the forest. They have e-walk also. At “The Spot” you could rent a fishing rod for only 100 and pay the fishes you’ve caught for about P230/kilo but we haven’t availed it coz we can’t afford to pay for our catch. hahaha. They have horseback riding where you could request the caretaker to ride on your own if you want to. Their pool is refreshing - it is the best pool. They have beach also where you could enjoy kayak or banana boat, but for me it’s not good for swimming compared with the white beach of samal.

Average for the Place – It's like Eden in Davao but when compared I still could say Eden is better. Hijo plantation is wide; the spots were far from each other. Large part of the area is still under construction. Maybe a year from now Banana Beach Resort would be a better place than today.

Below Average for their Service – You could leave your belongings in the restaurant area; they have staffs that could look onto your things. They have security for the tours and even on the pool area. Since they have exclusive food service, the visitors would expect for an appetizing line of menu, I think they must have a good chef for it. They must also have reserved equipment. We haven’t availed the atv because it was not repaired yet. There was a time also that we ordered frozen iced tea and it took so long because their blender need to be fixed that is why we prefer to cancel it out. We ordered a scoop of ice cream and they just left it melted, and we have to go to the counter to ask for it before it was served. They must also need to have an EFFICIENT staff that’s in charged of billing.

At the end, the day is still fun. I think celebration and having fun doesn’t depend only on the place but also on the people you are spending with. thanks

List of activities and rates: (subject to change)

Forest / Banana Plantation Tour - P250
River cruise - P500
ATV - P300/30min; P500/hr
Banana boat - P1400/30min; P 2400/hr
Water trampoline - P200/30min; P350/hr
Paddle board - P250/30min; P400/hr
Kayak - P250/30min; P400/hr
Skimboard - P40/30min; P60/hr
Horsebackriding - P200/30min; P350/hr
Mountain bike - P200/30min; P300/hr
Frisbee - P40/30min; P60/hr
Beach Volley Ball - P40/30min; P60/hr


Glayra Bustamante said...

pwede maibog??? congrats sa inyo duha dai! :)

rejserenity said...

thanks dai.. :) laag lng ta dnha puhon.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

yup! your rigth!! the place is expensive and i was never satisfied with what i paid. food is not great... i wouldnt even say good.. and poor customer service.. i hope they change their employees and management

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. But you could really work on your grammar and syntax. It distracts the reader from an otherwise good blog.

wantyoutoimprove said...

Your thoughts are well organized for writing. Yet, I agree with the last comment; you need to work on your subject-verb agreement, sentence construction, parallelism, run-on/ fragmented sentences and word usage. You could be a good writer, if you can improve on your grammar and syntax. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to embarrass you; Just a little constructive criticism to prevent you from being the butt of cruel jokes . Cheers to your drive to write! :)

rejserenity said...

thanks for the comments guyz :) i admit im not that really good in writing.. and its ok..
this blog is my online journal.. that's y its freely written by me.. hihihihihi :D
i know i could learn more, if i would continue writing.. thanks for the visit guyz! :)

Anonymous said...

I just learned that this place exist after the RATED K hosted by Mrs. Korina Sanchez-Roxas plug it. Nwe,im not good in grammar too, but happened to share same comment after reading your post. Yet, for sure you can be a good writer you just need to work it out........
Thanks to the quotations they are indeed expensive. But that is OK when they will offer good customer service. I hope my aunt and her groom to be wont experience the shared experience of anonymous... Good AD by the way...

Kurt said...

i really love the pool side of banana beach..The place was so relaxing. Love to resort. Its awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think too expensive for the province rate :-)

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