Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Research Journal 5: “Expected Output, WorkPlan, Budget”

Making an expected output is quite confusing on my part coz I don’t know if what this is really all about… if whether this deals with the output of my study or the output of my proposal? Quite confusing right? Hehehe
Anyway that's why I made some revisions in my objectives.. I don’t know where of them should I consider… on my previous consultation with sir, that deals with the effect or output when the FOSS is implemented in our school as an open source project.. hmmmh., I have quite confuse bout it coz the output of my study was information and not the effect on the community.

Hmmh,I had posted here my objectives of the study on my last times’ consultation, and the new one.. I just want to know what should i consider between the two.

View: Consulted objectives of the study
View: Revised objectives of the study

On my expected out put, it relates on the objectives of my study.. hehehe just try to read it nlng.. weeeh.!

This just pops on my mind, I guess there should be a FOSS community club in USeP, just a simple program yet make the students be aware and participate the FOSS community in there means. This would make the campaign and development of FOSS in our university made to be stable.

P.S I was asking then also what the work plan is all about. Is it in the form of Gantt chart or not? If so, then bout this sem or for the next sem which deals with ‘implementation activities? Weeeh.! So many questions yet hope so, could response addressing my confusions.

View: draft of expected output
View: Work Plan
View: Budget


hannah hernandez said...

..budget.??? meaning money.??!!

just keep in mind that things you may need in this study need not to be too expensive.. look for other ways to lessen the budget while still achieving the data you would need.!!
money is hard to find these days jejeje aja.!!

rejserenity said...

hehehe.. yapz.. yet i guess in reality, budget for research is quite large...

thanks for the advise, researchers must be resourceful so that we could just spend for reasonable expenses.

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