Sunday, December 9, 2012

October 2012 Civil Service Exam Result

Good news guys! The result of the past October 2012 Philippine CS Exam is now online!

Visit the CSC page:

Such an early Christmas gift for us.. Congrats to the passers :)))) Read More......

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seagull Mountain Resort | Buda

Together with the Bob and friends, we celebrated James' birthday at Seagull Mountain Resort, Bukidnon-Davao Road. From Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal, we travel about 3 hours up to the said resort. We booked 2 campsite beforehand. Each campsite worth P1200 with 6 person capacity. If you just want a dayTour, entrance fee is P150; however since we booked overnight, no fee for 13 of us anymore. Campsites don't have bedding and pillows yet, that is why we have to rent number of it which worth P85 each medium size bedding. Comfort and shower room is also common for campsites. There is no corkage for food and water. Charges are only applicable to soft drinks and electronic appliances.

The place is so cold, foggy, and silent. They don't have list of sports/adventure activities, but if you want a peaceful day away from the city, this is a good place for you. They have pool, restaurant, golf area, and view deck in their main area. There's another pool also near the waterfalls area just few distance away from the resort's entrance.

**Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice

seagull mountain resort buda

seagull mountain resort buda

seagull mountain resort buda

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Isla Reta Beach Resort | Samal

It's so minimal when I and my bf went out of the city with our own. Mostly, we preferably hang out with our friends. That is why this is one on the top of my 'gala' list. In fact, this is a last-minute outing; we talked about it one night and 'boom', we travel early in the morning, and thanks our day made up well :)

Lantsa in Magsaysay port departs 9 in the morning, with a P80 fare for each passengers. Resort's entrance fee is P75 each, no corkage for food and drinks as well.

I could say, this is one of the best beach resorts I have ever been. The place is clean, the sand is so white and wide, and the water is so clean and salty. You could even observe fishes swimming nearby the shore. The resort is not that big, yet what's nice about it is that, it is not crowded. There's only one batch of public lantsa ride to the resort, so you could expect a limited number of visitors. Lantsa ride sched 9am from magsaysay to the resort, and 3pm from the resort back to magsaysay, davao.

*Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice

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